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938 Avenue Selkirk, Pointe-

Claire, QC H9R 4T7

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2 state of the art turret presses in conjunction with Automation allows us to maintain fast turnarounds and more efficient run times for your job.

We chose whether to punch or laser your parts based on the end cost to you, the quality consideration and the timeline. We try to always make sure the part is run on the most efficient machine to give the best quality part at the lowest cost to the end user.


AdLib Metal incorporates various types of press brakes from older 2-axis Di-Acro to the highly sophisticated 9-axis Amada

Amada AE-250NT

Compact, eco-friendly and intelligent new turret punch press

The AE-NT series is a line of single AC servo drive turret punch press with AMADA's original "highly rigid bridge frame".

Designed with the smallest foot print of its class and yet capable of processing 4' x 8' sheets, the AE-NT series has a large capacity turret to ensure stable, high speed, high quality processing.

Features 1: Achievement of stable high speed processing

Slug pulling-less punching

Fine contouring

Features 2: Achievement of high quality processing

High speed deburring


Features 3: Achievement of process integration

High speed forming

Upward / Downward forming

High speed marking


Amada PRUL 300 III


The PR (part remover) unloader is a three-axes handling system equipped with two specially designed suction cup plates for automatic removing, sorting and stacking processed parts from punching machines (NCT).

Using suction cups enables the unloader to handle different kinds of materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and plastics.

Punched parts are sorted and stacked into desired stacks. The part unloader automatically removes parts from the skeleton.


Amada MP 1225

MP 1225

The MP 1225 auto-robotic load/unload system automates the loading and unloading of AMADA turret punch presses. This allows unmanned operation of the punch press and enables the machine to be run during the day, during breaks and lunches, and after hours, thus enabling us to maintain low turnout times and save our clients money.



Adlib Metal is a sheet metal company from the West Island of Montreal. We offer high end punching, laser, bending and welding services.

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938 Avenue Selkirk, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 4T7

+1 (514) 428-0955

+1 (514) 428-5516