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PEMS are self-clinching and surface mounted which provide threads to thin sheets of metal. We install them mostly using our 3 PEM machines but in certain cases, that can also be installed using our spot-welding or press brake equipment.

Examples of press fit hardware:

  • Self-clinching nuts
  • Self-clinching flush-head studs
  • Thru-hole Stand-Offs and Blind Stand-Offs
  • Panel Fasteners
  • Spring-loaded plunger assemblies

Here are some of the PEMs we use.


All the tools below are used individually or as a team to produce an above average product.

The PEMSERTER® Series 4® press is totally pneumatic providing short cycle time for increased productivity and 53.4 kN / 6 tons of force and a 45.7 cm / 18” throat depth which provides clearance for a variety of chassis configurations. It is designed to install self-clinching fasteners in size M2 / #0 thru M10 / 3/8” in steel, and sizes up to M12 / 1/2” in aluminum panels or circuit boards.

The PEMSERTER® Series 2000® press has 71.2 kN / 8 tons of force and a 61 cm / 24” throat depth. The high speed hydra-pneumatic actuating system delivers insertion speed that cannot be met by other insertion systems and the auto-feed capabilities insure that the fasteners are positioned quickly and accurately.

The Series 2000 press utilizes a programmable logic controller and a menu-driven touch screen operator interface system, in eleven available languages. Touch screens allow for quick-run-set-up, easy operator training, and precise fastener installation setups. They automatically alert and direct the operator to any safety or system faults for quick diagnosis.